Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Policies of Institutional Review Board (IRB)

An institutional review board (IRB) is a committee that has been formally designated to approve, monitor, and review all type of research including biomedical and behavioral research, on human and animal, conducted by researchers of the University.


Objectives of the Institutional Review Board (IRB):


* To ensure research using scientifically sound research proposals.

* To abide with accepted international guideline on research e.g Helsinki Guideline and similar.

* To ensure rights, dignity and welfare of the participants involved in the research.


Functions of IRB:


  • It will ensure highest standard of research using scientifically sound research project. For this, IRB will develop its own guideline for the development of scientifically sound research project or may identify reputed guidelines, available online, that may be followed by the University.
  • IRB may also monitor the progress of the research and may introduce periodic audit to ensure implementation of the project.
  • Special care will be taken while using any new drug or procedure as intervention to ensure safety of the participants. For this separate guideline will be developed or may use accepted online guideline.
  • IRB will consider the ethical issues of all the research projects as per internationally accepted guideline; it may also develop its own guideline as per local need, other national guideline as well as international guideline.
  • There will be separate guideline for collaboration between different institute or body, inside or outside the country.
  • Shall develop guideline for preservation and further use of biological sample inside or outside the country.
  • Shall develop different guideline for research involving stem cell and on gene study.


Composition rules:


The IRB must have at least eleven members:

  • The members must have enough experience, expertise, and diversity to make an informed decision on research.
  • The IRB should include both men and women, as long as they aren’t chosen specifically for their gender.
  • All members of the IRB must not be of the same profession.
  • One reputed scientist and one theologist, outside the university, will also be the member of the committee.
  • One Pro-Vice-Chancellor, three professors, two associate professors and two assistant professors from different faculties of BSMMU and one professor from affiliated institutes, may be included in IRB as a member.
  • The membership will be for a period of 3 years. An individual may continue for not more than two terms consecutively.

The IRB may co-opt one or more member for a particular meeting, they will be expert on the topic to be covered on the session and IRB felt necessary to supplement.


Institutional Review Board (IRB) Committee:


SI. No. Name Address Designation
1 Professor Shahana Akhter Rahman
Pro-vice Chancellor (Academic)
2 Professor Syed Shartful Islam
Chairman, Department of Public Health and Informatics
3 Professor Dr. Golam Hasan Rabbani
Project Director, Department of Public Health Informatics
4 Professor Jalaluddin Ashraful Haq
Microbiology, B1RDEM and Member, IRB
5 Professor Mohammad Kamal
Department of Pathology
6 Professor Syed Atiqul Haq
Department of Rheumatology
7 Professor Muhammad Abdur Rashid
Department of Islamic Studies, Dhaka University
8 Professor Khondker Manzarc Shamin
Chairman, Department of Anatomy
9 Professor M S I Mullick
Dept, of Psychiatry
10 Professor Md. Nazrul Islam
Chairman, Department of Rheumatology
11 Professor Shahcen Akhter
Department of Pediatric Neurology and Director Institute of Paediatric Neurodisorder Autism (IPNA)
12 Professor Harisul Hoque
Department of Cardiology
13 Professor M A Shakoor
Department of Physical Medicine Rehabilitation
14 Professor Jannatul Ferdous
Department of Gynaecological Oncology
15 Professor Sultana Ferdousi
Chairman, Department of Physiology
16 Professor Akhlaque Hossain Khan
Department of Neurosurgery
17 Dr. Sanjoy Kumer Dey
Associate Professor Department of Neonatology
18 Dr. Debatosh Paul
Associate Professor Department of Laboratory Medicine
19 Dr. Md. All Emran
Associate Professor Department of Physical Medicine Rehabilitation
20 Dr. Subrata Kumar Biswas
Associate Professor Department Biochemistry
21 Dr. Shiuly Chowdhury
Associate Prof Dept, of Obs. Gynae
22 Dr. Lubna Khondakar
Associate Prof, Department of Dermatology
23 Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain
Associate Professor Department of Prosthodontics
24 Dr. Fariha Hasten
Associate Professor Department of Public health Informatics
25 Dr. Shaheda Anwar
Associate Professor Dept, of Microbiology
26 Dr. Sahjada Selim
Assistant Professor Dept, of Endocrinology
27 Dr. Ferdous Alam
Deputy Registrar and Assistant Professor Department of Surgery
Member Secretary



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